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You are the decision maker and you know it's time to customize your structure to new opportunities. You want to set in motion a transition. You have questions about:

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In addition to a description of our business and our way of action, you will find information on the challenges of the twenty-first century business, articles, links to useful sites and reflections on mission, our Missions and useful to all learning. This site is free sharing and open discussion. Your opinion is welcome.


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The « Synchron Pact »

With 30 years of experience as an educator, researcher and engineer in the industry, I have personal knowledge of the economic and human issues and organizations challenges, faced by businesses and people who run for getting their project across. With this in mind, I created the  "Synchron Pact" to support your team with my methodology in the construction and realization of your projects by controlling each step of the process. We act as development manager in timeshare. The "Synchron Pact" is the commitment we make to give us the means to achieve the goals we have set ourselves.

Some examples of areas of intervention made

  • To stage a company with Generation Y,
  • Structuring a company by the quality approach to make it competitive
  • Transforming contacts frozen on contradictory positions in a set of speakers that share the same strategic vision.

Example: to stage a company with Generation Y

An entrepreneur wants to increase its turnover. After immersion, I propose the following plan of action:

  • Empowering Generation Y to put his business in line with its competition, retain its young people, sustain its business
  • Extend the areas of expertise of the commercial contract management and shorten the decision-making chain
  • Ensure generational link by hiring an executive assistant in the art assistant on commercial contracts
  • Refresh market adequacy for the establishment of a MASE certification

simultaneous departure for retirement allows a reduction of 14% of payroll in this team. These changes result in an increase of 15% of sales in one year and winning new customers in France and abroad.